Each year, the Department of Early Childhood Education works with all sixty-seven of Alabama's CPCs to complete a Needs Assessment. Once the needs are identified and action plans are made, the real work begins. The Needs Assessment process follows a pattern that allows the counties to make a real difference in the lives of their children. Because a year is not enough time to effect the changes desired, the Needs Assessment is conducted every three years, with updates being completed in the two intervening years. The 2014 Alabama CPC Needs Assessment reflects the third update year of this three year cycle. It highlights the efforts at the county level to insure that children and families have access to needed services and programs. As action plans are put into place and modified to reflect the accomplishments already achieved, more work than ever is being done to impact Alabama's children in positive ways.

Alabama law requires that CPCs submit their Needs Assessment by July 1st of each year and the state CPC then prepares a compiled report with recommendations by October 1. The reports in the section below contain the top issues that are affecting Alabama’s children that were identified in the County Children’s Policy Councils, Needs Assessments from across the state and recommendations made by the Alabama Children’s Policy Council. 

Recommendations from the State CPC

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